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Co-curricular activities fuel your learning by stimulating creative thought, improving your social and organizational skills, developing your interests and talents, and offering you the chance to switch off and do something you really enjoy.

  • Tamil Elakkiya Mandram

Tamil Literary Association It aims to enrich and encourage the interest of the students and it also aims to develop their empowerment skills through various competitions like Oratorical, Elocution, Poem Writing, Essay Writing, drawing and debates. The activities of the Tamil Association functions under the banner Tamil Literary Association. The main aim of Tamil Literary Association is to bring out the innate talents in students that can flow unobtrusive when expressed in the mother tongue.


The activities are multifarious. Our students marvel in Tamil Oratorical contests and debates, thereby exposing and developing their language skill and personality. Well known personalities are invited to judge their performance. Experts from outside are invited to deliver talks and give food for our thoughts and also to nourish self-confidence in young minds.


Poetry writing competitions are a regular feature. A good number of students come forward to take part in it and also bag prizes both inside and outside the college. Workshops are conducted with the aim of imparting training to bring out dramatic talents.


  • English Literary Association

English literary association the focus is on all the four language skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. These enhance the student’s talents and capabilities. The inter-house competitions are organised which help the students to develop individual talents, gain confidence. The activities make learning interesting and fun-filled.


Here is a glimpse of our world of literary activities:

Book Campaign

Story telling & Recitation

English Language Lab

Word of the Day

Creative Writing

Library Week

ELEP (English Language Enrichment Programme)


  • Science Club

Self-expression, independent research, constructive activities, etc., are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. Students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments and clarify general scientific concepts. The coordination between the classroom and the science clubs help the students to complete their curriculum in a subtle way. Science clubs are sometimes considered as the backbones of the curricular activities in the school.

The students of Science Club were engaged in different activities during their club periods throughout the year.



Fun with magnets – Using magnets, they went around in the class and identified magnetic and non-magnetic objects. They wrote their observation on a sheet and drew 5 magnetic and 5 non-magnetic things.

SKILLS – Observation and sorting


Sink or float - The students brought several things like eraser, metal ruler, plastic ruler, sharpener, pin, a leaf, an empty bottle, a pencil etc. they put them one by one into a bucket of water and observed whether they sink or float.

SKILLS – Observation and  sorting.


Balloon rocket – The students made a balloon rocket using balloons, straw and tape. They inflated the balloon and inserted the straw on a thread tied from one end of the room to the other end. As they released the air from the balloon, it travelled quickly from one end to the other.  They enjoyed this activity the most.

SKILLS – Learnt that air pressure released from a thing pushes it forward. Understood how a rocket moves in the air.


Observing insects on the ground – The students were taken to the school garden, where each student observed at least 5 insects and drew them in the club notebook. They found out what is common in all of them.

SKILLS - observation, sorting, concludes.


Collecting leaves  - The students collected fallen  leaves from the school garden and pasted  them in their club notebook.

SKILLS – Observing the different patterns of venation in the leaves

  • Social Science Club

Social Science Club aims to promote cultural harmony along with dedication, loyalty and discipline among the students. The club tries to extend the understanding of various cultures within school environment. Various awareness activities propagating the idea of social, political and environmental issues are conducted. Various days of national and international importance are celebrated to spread the message of peace and harmony. The members of the club enhance and motivate moral values regarding their responsibility towards society. The children are taken to Old age Home, Orphanage to their responsibility towards them by contributing with donations, food and study material. The club also donated generously to the Help Age India. Old newspapers were collected from the staff and students and the proceedings from it were used to buy stationary the poor and needy students. Collection of clothes and toys were made and given to the labour working in the school premises.

  • Maths Club

The Mathematics club, aims at creating a love for Mathematics, a subject often dreaded by students. Student members of grades IX–XII participate in a wide gamut of fun and competitive activities. The club explores Maths beyond textbooks and students learn to apply the knowledge acquired in day-to-day situations. Various brain storming activities like solving mathematical riddles, application based games and making mathematical models are conducted to elucidate difficult concepts of curriculum and sharpen the minds of children. Performance-based problems are undertaken that develop intuitive thinking skills. Members of the club also organize various events for the rest of the learners of the school during ‘Mathematics Week’.

  • General Knowledge Club

The G.K. Club aims towards creating awareness about the ongoing happenings in India and the world. The classes conducted enhanced our knowledge about India. Various in – class quizzes were conducted to test what we have retained from our classes and from our classes we discovered some very amazing and fascinating about our Incredible India The main objective of our club is to enhance our knowledge and help us to remain in tune with the new updates in the field of art, culture, literature, science and technology.


In keeping with the view of our prospects and objectives, various activities like quizzes, rapid – fire rounds, questionnaires, logical and analytical reasoning were held in our club meetings. During the summer vacations, the students were asked to prepare a chart high lightening the “amazing facts and news headlines” with the combined efforts of the students, we had also come up with a beautiful logo for our club also maintain a separate record of all the general knowledge questions which are discussed in our meetings. The members of our club had been reading out the news headlines and amazing facts in the morning assemblies. On Fridays, we had been conducting a short quiz based on general knowledge for the students of other clubs.


  • Eco Club

Eco Club is a platform on which we got the knowledge about environment, Eco Club in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental conditions and we offer programs & activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees and also to promote sound environmental behaviour. Cleanliness Week was organised in the school under the title ‘Swachhata Pakhwada’ from September 13, 2021, to September 17, 2021, to spread awareness among students on cleanliness. Under this drive, the activities performed were: Green School Drive Day, Hand Wash Day, Personal Hygiene Day, The students also spread awareness on the usage of the dustbin and the segregation of waste. Various activities such as slogan writing, poster making, essay writing, etc. were arranged in which the students took part wholeheartedly. The teachers of the school also participated actively and helped the students in spreading awareness on the importance of Cleanliness.

  • Youth Parliament

RCMHSS Council has evolved into a School Parliament. Here a group of pupils are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. From this parliament a ‘cabinet’ will be elected. Some of these children hold titles such as Shadow Head Teacher, Shadow Deputy Head, Shadow Chair of Governors etc.  The School Parliament meets, once every half-term, to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.


Members of the School Parliament will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as: what to spend fund raising money on; improving Reward Time across the school or planning new playground activities.


Being a school parliamentarian is a really responsible job and School Parliament is evolving to be a very effective one, it does mean that every child learns a lot from taking part.


What is our School Parliament for?

The School Parliament is about:

  • Working and learning together

  • Learning about democracy

  • Learning how to play a positive role model in our community

  • Improving our school for everyone

  • The School Parliament’s job is to involve everyone, not do everything. Everybody needs to help by:

  • Finding things that they would like to change

  • Finding ways to make things better

  • Putting their ideas into actions

How does our Class Parliament work?

  • Each class will elect a School Parliament member

  • Our Class Parliament will have a meeting every Half-Term

  • The class decide what they are going to talk about the day before the meeting so that everybody has time to think

  • A different person runs the meeting each time, with help from their teacher if it is needed

  • A different person takes notes each time, with help from their teacher if it is needed

  • The School Parliament Member from each class and one other person from the class will go to the School Parliament meeting every half term to put across the classes view

What will the School Parliament do for our class?

When the Class Parliament share ideas with class representative they will:

Take it to the next School Parliament meeting to discuss

Tell you what is happening with your idea

The School Parliament will try to make your idea happen by getting:

  • Permission

  • Money

  • Support

  • Time

If they cannot make the idea happen there will be clear reasons why this cannot happen.

If they can make your idea happen they will need your help to make it happen.

What will staff do for the School Parliament?

  • Make sure meetings happen when they are supposed to

  • Support pupils to run meetings

Staff role in Class Parliament Meetings

  • Ensure that there is time given for meetings

  •  Initially model chairing a meeting

  •  Support class discussions


  • Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross is the Students’ wing of the Red Cross organized within the school. A team of 50 students are members in the Junior Red Cross team. 


  • JRC Activities at the School:

  • Promotion of Health

  • Service to the Sick and suffering

  • Cleanliness of the School Premises

  • Organizing Health Awareness campaigns in the nearby areas

  • Administrating First Aid Training

  • Coordinating Blood grouping camps for JRC members

  • To create general awareness of the local, national and international events / personalities / sports etc. and sharpen the memory through quizzing, puzzles and intelligence games.


  • Scout and Guides

The Scouts and Guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people. It is open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed. It is the largest youth force in the country. It catch-holds the children from their early age. This noble organization started in Rice city in the session 2009 - 10.

The purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people for achieving their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential. It adheres to the principles like


  • Loyalty to one’s country

  • Reconstruction of society based on democratic values

  • Responsibility for the development of one-self and respect for the dignity of one’s fellowmen.


  • Musical Band

Band enhances creative thinking and is an enriching creative outlet. Band gives us the chance to create beauty, elicit emotion, and create that work of art through music. It allows expression without words. Its team building, problem-solving, skill building hard work that is immensely rewarding.


  • Yoga Club

Yoga brings together mind, body and breathe to produce perfect balance within us and can be the perfect addition to the school curriculum. Yoga is a mystic blend of tradition and innovation and through the innovative environment of today’s classrooms; we can take the tradition of Yoga to the younger generations. For children and young adults, the benefits are numerous. They have just begun their life’s journey and Yoga is the ideal light to shine over their path.

To incorporate Yoga into the school curriculum would be ideal as it will help in the child’s academic and personal growth as well.


  • Cookery Club

Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world from grilling food over an open fire to using electricity and baking in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends. The ways or types of cooking also depend on the skill and type of training an individual chef possesses. Cooking is done both by people in their own dwellings and by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments. Preparing food with heat or fire is an activity unique to humans. It may have started around two million years ago, though archaeological evidence traces it no more than one million years earlier. Cooking is an exacting and time consuming art and it was made evident to students that those who cook at home; be it mothers, grandmothers, or servants, do not have an easy task. Students appreciated the effort their mothers put in to feed them on a daily basis and their admiration was obviously visible.

The Cookery Club is a vivid platform where members not only learn the art of cooking but also realise the enormity of task that their mothers have at home and hence learn to value and love them more than ever before.

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