About Ricecity

      In the year 1972 our institution was born with the name of Crescent Nursery School with just 26 students; with the prime initiative to bring quality and world-class English medium education to rural people in and around Aduthurai by our founder Late. Haji M.A. Jamal Gani. 

    We strived to provide quality education and knowledge which was an unattainable fruit at those times in the villages. People around us saw the honesty and dedication we put in, to provide knowledge and we grew together. With the constant support of our parents and the people around we became bigger and transformed into Rice City Matriculation School in 1997.    

  As we know the significance of the all-around development and discipline of students, we create a harmonious environment to help students achieve their maximum potential.      Through constant guidance and help from our teachers, we help students achieve academic excellence and co-curricular merits.      We believe students should understand humane, cultural, and ethical values to lead a life as spirited model citizen so we foster and nurse our children to be morally, academically, extra curricular acclaimed people.